Introducing Rhinowood

A thermally treated and wax impregnated SA Pine.

The unique thermal modification and wax impregnation process means that Rhino Wood is extremely durable for any weather conditions, and needs almost no maintenance.

So, while you get the authentic look and feel of wood, you also get extreme durability without using plastics, harmful chemicals or the need to regularly sand and oil your deck.

Rhinowood is designed to grey with time. This is however a superficial top layer and can be removed by cleaning the surface. Grey decking or original wood, the choice is always in your hands throughout the life of your deck.

Rhino Wood isn’t just beautiful to look at – it’s also sustainable, long lasting, durable and non-toxic. They use sustainably-farmed timber, with no natural forests cut down. Rhino Wood’s modification process increases the strength of pine timber by up to 60%, increasing its load bearing capacity.

Planks are available in a brushed and smooth finish in various lengths.

DimensionsMass Per MetreMass Per PlankStandard Length
 100 x 20 mm

140 x 20 mm

140 x 27 mm

  Various Lengths