What do we do?:

Our core focus at Hyperlogix is on offering the best products and installation services while exceeding International best practices and standards in our markets. We offer premium Composite Decking and Wooden Decking with their respective value adds such as Pergolas, Balustrades, Screens and Fencing.

All our clients and potential clients are of equal importance regardless of the size of the project.

We aim for a maximum 48 hour turnaround time from your first engagement with us to the time you receive your rendered design drawings and corresponding quotes..

Where did we start?:

The company was founded by Wayne several years after completing his bachelor of commerce degree. He majored in economics and advanced business management. After university he ended up working in the logistics industry.

One of the logistics companies he managed specialized in exporting building materials and tools from South Africa to neighbouring countries.

It was at this point that Wayne entered a niche of the construction industry in composite decking and wooden decking, in a prominent deck installation business.

Working on hundreds of projects is where Wayne found his passion for construction technology. This led to  his goal to build better decking and flooring than anyone else in the industry. Continuous learning in the civil engineering field is therefore a vital part of achieving this goal. As such, we ensure that this learning and development ethos  is incorporated into the very core of the company.

We strive to offer YOU the BEST decking and flooring products and services in the industry!


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